The Ultimate Anxiety Buster

In life, be it in your professional environment or personal space we come across situations which make us upset or hold us back from moving forward. Following this simple hack will help you overcome most of your anxieties. #thewittymarketer #anxietybuster #stressbuster #lifelessons

Covid19: The eternal lockdown

My heart goes out to the under privileged ones who still have to break stones everyday to break bread. These are the most difficult times for them and their family. Lets do as much as we can in our own capacity. At the same time, I feel thankful for having the privilege of working fromContinue reading “Covid19: The eternal lockdown”

For Digital Migrants like me!

The world can be divided into 2 types of people. Digital Natives and Digital Migrants! For the latter, the opportunity was to see these platforms evolve and also cherish the life before them. I firmly believe that technology should only be used to make one’s life easier. Incase you find solace in sticking to someContinue reading “For Digital Migrants like me!”