Human Stupidity!

#Beings Humans may not be,  but human stupidity is globally immune to COVID19. As we migrate through these difficult times, it poses the biggest threat, yet an amazing opportunity for all of us to stand united for something far bigger than individuals’ comforts and routines. Unfortunately the tales we see and hear globally depict aContinue reading “Human Stupidity!”

Taxpayers: The real Nation Builders

#Beings While there is a need to fundamentally correct the definition of ‘(s)Hero’ from actors to armed forces and sportsperson. The same intensity of correction is required for recognizing the ‘Taxpayers’ instead of ‘Politicians’ whenever you avail any public service or use any public infrastructure. There is no free lunch and all the money whichContinue reading “Taxpayers: The real Nation Builders”

Career: Adult Informed Choice

#beings That’s true, the career we choose is one of the most critical activity in our lives. As it impact the major portion of our day, months and years. Make sure you give good amount of time to decide it and only YOU decide it for yourself. This reminds me of two things which JeffContinue reading “Career: Adult Informed Choice”