Relevancy: Biggest Challenge


Staying relevant is the biggest challenge for Brands, Businesses and Beings

Have posted enough on this before, however there is more to be done across all 3 tangents – #Brands, #Businesses and #Beings. What was a differentiator earlier not necessarily is relevant with changing times and hence we need to consistently evolve. Harping upon past glories, achievements, statuses can help us live happily in memories, however,  if we want to continue the winning stride, it’s important to be nimble and accept change and more importantly evolve ourselves with time.

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Privacy vs. Personalization


In Privacy vs Personalisation battle, the most important word is ‘Consent’.

There is lot of similarity between #Relationships and ‘#Privacy vs. #Personalization’ battle. Both must be governed by mutual consent. The transparency and clarity by which this ‘consent’ is demonstrated by Brands, Businesses and Beings fuels a sustainable long term bond. 


Human Stupidity!


Humans may not be,  but human stupidity is globally immune to COVID19.

As we migrate through these difficult times, it poses the biggest threat, yet an amazing opportunity for all of us to stand united for something far bigger than individuals’ comforts and routines.

Unfortunately the tales we see and hear globally depict a sorry state of affair. From ‘things need to breathe’ justification for not wearing a mask to home quarantine being termed as violation of fundamental rights – we have successfully proved that our stupidity is definitely immune to COVID19.


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