Career: Adult Informed Choice

#beings That’s true, the career we choose is one of the most critical activity in our lives. As it impact the major portion of our day, months and years. Make sure you give good amount of time to decide it and only YOU decide it for yourself. This reminds me of two things which JeffContinue reading “Career: Adult Informed Choice”

Game Changer: ‘Service Delivery’

#Businesses One fundamental aspect that differentiates us from other god-made and man-made (AI bots) species on this planet would be the ability to express compassion. Organizations tend to invest heavily on ‘Service Infrastructure’ to offer elevated brand experience to its consumers often times forgetting the ‘how’ aspect, which is called ‘Service Delivery’. The show-stopper isContinue reading “Game Changer: ‘Service Delivery’”

Best Corporate Advices

Learning is a life long process and as we grow, we tend to evolve with our thoughts. Teachers in educational institutions and Mentors in corporate play a very influential part in nurturing those thoughts. Here’s sharing some of the best advices I have learned from my mentors over a decade across multiple organizations. Thank youContinue reading “Best Corporate Advices”

Parampara and Strategy

In life, ‘Parampara’ is mostly hovered by Idiosyncrasies whereas in Corporate, we tend to use term ‘Strategic’ so often without fully understanding the Corporate Strategy. For instance, not eating non-veg on a particular day becomes parampara and planning team lunch becomes strategic. #thewittymarketer #beings #corporate #corporatestrategy #strategy #parampara #idiosyncrasies #family #business #success #ceo #work #officestyleContinue reading “Parampara and Strategy”

Marketing and Cooking

This lockdown will help us learn and connect many skills! Cooking is one of them. Like Philip Kotler said, ‘Marketing takes a day to learn and a lifetime to master it’ , same is applicable for the art of Cooking. Also like In Marketing, you need a blend of data driven insights and creativity toContinue reading “Marketing and Cooking”

COVID19: Brand Leadership

Leaders and their leadership is tested in difficult times. During these unprecedented times, Industry leaders need to rise up to the challenge and respond rather than react! For brands, either ways you will be a case study – for best practices or for the worst post COVID19 era. Make yourself the one to be proudlyContinue reading “COVID19: Brand Leadership”

About Brand Building

We all take time to establish our credentials as an individual or as a company! The driver is relevant sustainable engagement with time. #brandbuilding #marketing #brand #consumer #stayingrelevant #thewittymarketer #branding #inspiration #rightamount #create #socialmediamarketing #innovate