The Witty Marketer says

Marketer’s careerprint!

A brand custodian’s knowledge sphere is very critical and will have direct impact on defining and understanding the brand journey and experience.

Robust Foundation!

It’s important to have a robust foundation and strong base for sustainable development. Shortcuts will not provide that foundation and hence may offer only temporary success. Focus and build that strong foundation. Good things in life take time.

This Diwali, make a difference!

Best wishes for Diwali coming early! Lets bright it up for all. People need you and the country needs you. This Diwali, just follow these two steps: Buy from small time local vendors as much as you can. Please do not bargain on price with them. Share it forward. Cheers.

Have you heard of EBITDAC yet?

COVID19 will make its way to the balance sheets for sure. While we still await the vaccine, the virus is on its way to celebrate its birthday shortly! Stay healthy and safe.


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