Why Nokia ko ‘No’ kiya?

Problem of product positioning: Nokia!!! Sounds very familiar like Parle, Bajaj, Cadbury’s, Maruti Suzuki. Well the point I want to make is the trust consumer have while buying products of these reputed brands in our country. Couple of years ago, India was a Nokia Country. Like my Dad, many Dads insisted their sons to getContinue reading “Why Nokia ko ‘No’ kiya?”

The Future of Networking Sites

In recent years, we have seen sudden increase in the networking sites. Our web is flooded with many social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut, MySpace etc and professional networking sites like LinkedIn, Yammer, Apnacircle etc Earlier it was ‘cool’ to have multiple email IDs and footprints on all these sites, but the recent trend inContinue reading “The Future of Networking Sites”