Project Monitor: Corrosion Protection in Infra Projects – Pranav Tambey

Corrosion can be broadly defined as the degradation of metal due to chemical or electrochemical reaction with the environment. Every year, India loses around 2 lakh crore due to corrosion, and globally, corrosion results in loss of 25,000 tonnes of steel every minute. Corrosion is a slow process and by the time it gets detected on any surface, the damage has already been done, resulting in loss of time, productivity and money. However, by adopting ‘proactive’ and ‘right’ corrosion protection techniques, the losses can be drastically reduced. There are various surface based technologies available to prevent corrosion of steel like anticorrosive painting, hot dip galvanizing, electroplating, spray galvanizing, chromium plating, aluminum spraying etc. Out of these, anticorrosive coatings play an important role. 

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